Music Store

One stop Music Store with links to purchase music from all Stereogram Recordings artists from either iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp. All material is available digitally with most releases also available on CD and occasionally on Vinyl. Featured below are, in reverse order of release are:

“No Room At The Inn” – The Vintage Calvinos download single; “Wayne Moon Pilot” – St. Christopher Medal download single; “Muckish Mountain” – The Eastern Swell download single; STOOR – DL/CD/LP; STOOR – “Witchfinder General” – download single; Those Unfortunates – “The Servant” – download single; “One Day, A Flood” – The Eastern Swell CD & DL album; “Rattling Bones” download single THE EASTERN SWELL; Those Unfortunates – “Letter Writing Man” download single; “The Sound Of Stereogram” CD/DL – Various Artists; Sunny Day Machine – St. Christopher Medal CD/DL; “Glori” download single – St. Christopher Medal; The Land Of Holy Joy – Band Of Holy Joy CD/DL album; “This Force Of Nature”/”Resist (Tony McQue Remix)” download single – The Cathode Ray; “Tramlines” download single – Lola in Slacks; “Isn’t That Just The Life” Band Of Holy Joy – download single; “From A Zafira Comfort” download single – St. Christopher Medal; “Things Fall Apart” download single – Milton Star; “Another Man’s God” download single – Roy Moller; “Buck The Trend” download single – The Cathode Ray; “Infinite Variety” – The Cathode Ray CD/DL; “Resist” download single – The Cathode Ray; “Vatersay Love Song” download single – St.Christopher Medal; “Sorryville” download single – Milton Star; “Salvation” download single – Milton Star; “Lost Songs Of The Confederacy” LP/CD/DL – James King & The Lonewolves; “Fly Away” download single – James King & The Lonewolves; “My Week Beats Your Year” download album – Roy Moller; “Textbook, Textbook” download single – Roy Moller; “One Domino” CD/DL – Roy Moller; “Street Oblique” download single – Roy Moller; “Introduction” download album – New Leaf. The best of the Epic/Sony Japan years,1995 – 1999, A career spanning compilation; “Don’t Let The Grass Grow” download single – New Leaf; “Belongs To You” download single – The Fabulous Artisans; “These Open Arms” download single – The Fabulous Artisans; “The Cathode Ray” CD/DL album