Roy Moller Books

Following MY WEEK BEATS YOUR YEAR, his critically acclaimed poetry and song cycle for Appletree Writers’ Spoken Word Sundays, ROY MOLLER’s debut collection, “IMPORTS”, is a series of meditations on displacement that will hit home with anyone who has felt like an outsider, a stranger in their own land.
Praise for “IMPORTS”
“A keen observer of everyday business, filtering out complacency with a fine sieve of experience and bonhomie, takes the time to mull things over, from various forms of transport, angling for a definitive answer to a question made general by over-asking, exposing a strata of melancholy, tempered by joy and hope, laid down by generations.” – Stevie Walker, Underdog Champions

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Black Agnes Press is proud to sell Roy Møller’s full-length poetry collection published in Edinburgh by Dionysia Press in 2019. “Roy Møller tells the story of his birth, abandonment, and adoption, and the trauma of trying to find his identity… expressed in precise, laconic descriptions.” Shirley Bell, The Blue Nib

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