The Fabulous Artisans


JEREMY THOMS: Instruments

Founded in 2007 and named after the iconic Orange Juice track, The Fabulous Artisans is a collaboration between Glasgow based Oscar and BAFTA award winning actor, former stand-up comic, lyricist and singer Neil Crossan (formerly of Joe Lacy’s Human Absract) and Edinburgh based songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jeremy Thoms (also of The Cathode Ray and Stereogram label boss). “With a sound fed from Bacharach to Barry, Brel to Bowie, Cave to Collins, Magazine to Morricone and Wilson to Walker, this is timeless music for or from any era…”

In July 2013, Stereogram Recordings were delighted to announce the release of “Belongs To You”, the latest single by The Fabulous Artisans. It represented only the second new song from the Scottish duo since 2008.
It continued their lineage of mixing up the classic pop sounds of the past with a modern twist, whilst adding their characteristic big lyrical themes of life and death. This time they revealed a more soulful side to their sound – one could imagine Jim Morrison jamming with The Four Tops with Mick Ronson gatecrashing the party…
It followed the March 2013 release of “These Open Arms” which also featured a hitherto unexplored side to the Artisans sound, bumping and grinding like the sleazy glam rock bastard love child of The Cramps, Johnny Cash and Link Wray, while the lyrics explored the familiar areas of alienation and disconnection.

“Belongs To You” and “These Open Arms” were both been keenly anticipated by the group’s fans. They followed up their warmly received debut album “…From Red to Blue” (Bendi Records, 2008) which was described as “A series of reflections on life in all it’s hues …from red to blue. Twelve songs about love and loss; joy and regret; hope and failure; sex and god; identity and home; parenthood and childhood; mortality and morality; frustration and inspiration; age and optimism; memories and belief; fantasy and reality…”