The Cathode Ray

The Cathode Ray press shot 2018 940 x 348

LINE UP (left to right):


The Cathode Ray recently returned, after a three year recording hiatus, with “Another World”, a taster track from their forthcoming third album “Heightened Senses” which is due out early in 2019.

Lyrically concerning themes of alienation, hopes, fears and doubts, “Another World” is another bold musical statement from The Cathode Ray, evoking nothing less than the glam balladry of Roxy Music or Be-Bop Deluxe, married to subliminal electronica. It sets out the stall for the new album which, as its title suggests, promises to stretch The Cathode Ray template further with forays into previously unchartered musical waters for the band.

It also marks the recording debut of guitarist Phil Biggs with the band, plus production assistance, cover art and video direction from Alex Thoms, the son of lead singer Jeremy Thoms. Steve Fraser (lead guitar), Neil Baldwin (bass) and David Mack (drums) complete the line-up.

Originally based on a loose concept of forging late seventies New York, with late seventies Manchester, The Cathode Ray started life in 2006.
Adding 60’s garage, soundtracks, glam rock, northern soul, disco and psyche to the palette, recording sessions ensued, with the band’s debut double ‘A’ sided single ‘What’s it all About?’/’Mind’ being hailed as Single of the Year by Radio Clyde DJ and Sunday Mail columnist Billy Sloan in his round up of 2006.

A second single, ‘Slipping Away’ was released in April 2009 and proclaimed Single of the Year (so far) by the esteemed journalist Paul Lester in an enthusiastic piece in The Guardian.

The band’s eponymous debut album came out in April 2012 through Stereogram Recordings and featured high in the end-of-year roundups on the Manic Pop Thrills, Penny Black Music, The Sound Project and Jock’n’Roll websites. The single ‘Dispersal’ was Track of the Month in April 2012 on the influential Janice Forsyth Show on BBC Radio Scotland.

The Cathode Ray released their second album entitled “Infinite Variety” on Stereogram Recordings in April 2015. Accompanied by the singles ‘Resist’, ‘Buck The Trend’ and ‘This Force Of Nature’, it has garlanded ecstatic praise from all corners of the music press.

In addition to all of this, the band have picked up a strong loyal following through a series of well received gigs across the UK.


“Infinite Variety is quite breath-taking, leaving thoughts basking and appetite hungry for much more. There have been many releases and bands recently creating real triumphs of nostalgia and new invention, but The Cathode Ray tops the lot” – THE RINGMASTER REVIEW

“One of the LPs of 2015 so far has undoubtedly been ‘Infinite Variety’ the second album from Edinburgh’s The Cathode Ray.” – MANIC POP THRILLS

“Intelligent rock music written for an adult audience, and, as creative as it is genre-defying, is never anything but enthralling” – PENNY BLACK MUSIC

“Infinite Variety certainly lives up to its promise” – EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME

“An urgent, engaging sophomore offering from a band that effortlessly blends musical maturity with the fizz and buzz of prime guitar pop” – IS THIS MUSIC?

“Infinite Variety is an exhilarating roller-coaster ride through a multifaceted post-punk landscape.” – MANIC POP THRILLS

“It’s perhaps not surprising that ‘Infinite Variety’ is such a confident, expansive creation…test tube treats for pop conceptualists.” – LOUDER THAN WAR

“Definitely worth checking out” – BEAT ROUTE

“Backed Up settles into such a rich – and entirely harmonious – instrumental groove that you won’t want it to end.” – PURE M MAGAZINE

“The second album from Edinburgh’s Cathode Ray is a thing of natural beauty” – THE HERALD

“What makes this quintessentially British art-pop so thrilling, however, is the slow shift from themes of desperation and loss to an ultimate realisation of love, identity and purpose” – THE SKINNY

“At one level it is the natural extension of the last record; at another its boundaries have been greatly magnified.” – PENNY BLACK MUSIC
“Their sound is difficult to Resist” – DAILY RECORD

“If such an award exists, Stereogram surely must be in the running for best Scottish independent label in 2015.” – FOR MALCONTENTS ONLY
“The momentum remains relentless throughout, refusing to slow down for even a single moment” – PURE M MAGAZINE

“It is a delightful indie-pop-punk romp. Bouncy guitars, a poppy bass line and the kind of drums that should be played by a monkey with ADHD” – LISTEN WITH MONGER

“Jittery and angular with a retro futurist twist. Post punk like it’s supposed to sound, performed by experts” – TASTY FANZINE
“Its incurably addictive kookiness prompting the hitting of the repeat button each and every time in looms into ear space” – THE SUNDAY EXPERIENCE

“‘The Cathode Ray’ is an exhilarating, magnificent experience.” PENNYBLACKMUSIC

“Spry debut from Scottish post punk veterans”
UNCUT 6/10

“‘The Cathode Ray’ is, simply put, a cracking record.”

“An exciting journey, which takes in the sights of surf, glam and retro-futurism along the way.”

“Jeremy Thoms’ bands do not disappoint”

“The Cathode Ray? Well and truly switched on.”

“Absolute quality – this deserves some attention.”

“The album itself is a resounding success.”

“They simply go from strength to strength.”

“Gently bobbing, new wave/post punk, sparky, sprightly, exceedingly catchy” MUDKISS FANZINE