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Leonard’s Lair – August 2001


Affairs Of The Heart 3/5

Skyline are Jeremy Thoms and Andy Walker; a duo that have attempted to re-create the same kind of uptempo, melodic pop rock which Roddy Frame specialised in some 15 years previously.

The key success factor is obviously the tunes and the plucky Scots manage to deliver these on nearly all counts. Both Thoms and Walker are equipped with the larynxes which speak of romantic longing and on songs as sweet as ‘A Shadow Of Our Former Selves’ they approach the magnificence of The Beach Boys’ harmonic glory.

Skyline are signed to Paul Haig’s Rhythm Of Life Records although you’d scarcely notice given the lack of spiky, angular guitar work for which Haig’s former group, Josef K, were renown for. ‘Affairs Of The Heart’ is a largely unambitious collection but its honesty, warmth and signs of songwriting ability promises an enjoyable 50 minutes of escapism.

Jon Leonard

Leonard’s Lair

Review: Skyline – Higher Reaches

Published December 15, 2007

It’s been six long years since the first record by Skyline; a good old-fashioned album full of melodic Scottish indie/classic songwriting influences. The return may have taken a while but the results are well worth waiting for as the group take their songs to the level promised by their name and new album title.

‘Swings And Roundabouts’ is just delightful, a cracking piano hook and some lovely harmonies in the chorus, ‘Forget’ is another piano led effort but this time it’s a lovelorn ballad that steadily grows in stature whilst the intros to ‘Why?’ and ‘Chosen Few’ are cut from the same cloth as Orange Juice. Sure, there are times when they slip into misty-eyed whimsy but even then this is a very likeable and tuneful set of songs.

Jon Leonard

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