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STEREOGRAM RECORDINGS is an Edinburgh based record label run by musician/DJ JEREMY THOMS, with additional press and PR input from journalist INNES REEKIE.


Stereogram Recordings didn’t quite come kicking and screaming into the world in 2012 – instead it arrived without much bluster and fuss, but with true intention. Initially, it was solely a vehicle to facilitate label founder Jeremy Thoms’ beat combo, THE CATHODE RAY’s musical musings being heard by a wider demographic.

Stereogram Recordings achieved its objective almost immediately, with a Radio Track of the Month (Radio Scotland – Janice Forsyth) and ‘Single of the Year, so far (The Guardian – Paul Lester). “The Cathode Ray”, their eponymously titled debut album, additionally garnered countless critically acclaimed reviews from all the right places.

The label then opened its doors to THE FABULOUS ARISANS and ROY MOLLER, (‘Scotland’s best kept secret’ – Marc Riley 6 Music) in 2013, resulting in the release of the wonderfully avant-garde pop, and particularly journalist friendly, “One Domino” album; followed by the Lou Reed concept album, “My Week Beats Your Year”.

JAMES KING & THE LONEWOLVES were next to nail their sails to the mast with the once more extremely well-received “Lost Songs of the Confederacy” in October 2014. At this point, Stereogram had become a more adventurous, and indeed ambitious proposition than originally intended, and other artistes of a similar literate creative disposition to those already on the label were taking notice.

What followed was unexpected, but welcomed – St. CHRISTOPHER MEDAL, LOLA IN SLACKS, and MILTON STAR all joined the Stereogram family. In addition, the ever challenging and hugely entertaining BAND OF HOLY JOY considerably contributed to the swelling of the Stereogram ranks.

Perhaps unwittingly at this stage, Stereogram were laying the foundations for what one journalist remarked upon – ‘Stereogram are fast becoming the most interesting new independent label in Scotland, perhaps the country’.

Stereogram next released THE CATHODE RAY’s second album “Infinite Variety” in April 2015, followed by BAND OF HOLY JOY’s “The Land Of Holy Joy” in September, with both once more picking up wonderful critical plaudits along the way.

The label culminated 2015 with two ambitious Revue style shows featuring most of the label roster and a compilation sampler “The Sound Of Stereogram”.

2016 saw the label adding THE EASTERN SWELL, STOOR and THOSE UNFORTUNATES to it’s ranks, all of whom released fantastic material, while  2017 saw the Aberdeen based VINTAGE CALVINOS release their debut “An Invitation To Infamy”.

Later activity included sophomore album releases from THE EASTERN SWELL, STOOR and St. CHRISTOPHER MEDAL (all three on vinyl) plus a foray into publishing via two Photobooks featuring the work of Innes Reekie. Titles published so far are “Sometimes Pleasureheads Must Burn – The Birthday Party and beyond 1980 – 89” and “Nite Life During Wartime – Edinburgh and beyond 1980 – 90”.

In 2019 THE CATHODE RAY released their third album “Heightened Senses” (also on vinyl), featuring the singles “Another World”, “Heightened Senses” and “Love and Death”.

The FABULOUS ARTISANS also returned in 2020 with two singles “Nothng Ventured Nothing Gained” and “Best Christmas”.

2021 saw Aberdeen based folk duo ONLY A GHOST join the roster. They released five singles in 2021/22: “Love Or The Devil”, “My Secret Ways”, “Christmas Again”, “Longhope” and “Dark Heart”, before going their seperate ways. However, lead singer and songwriter LOUISE McCORKINDALE has since launched a solo career, releasing the singles “The Darkening Fair”, “Every Turn Of The Tide”, “Her Art” and “Desperate Ways” in 2023/24. 

Rounding off 2021, NEW LEAF returned after a twenty two year sabbatical with the singles “Raincloud” and “Tiger” plus album “The Year Of The Ox”. 

2024 saw a major development with the label joining forces with the Glasgow based label LAST NIGHT FROM GLASGOW, The first fruits of this liason being the return of JAMES KING & THE LONEWOLVES with a new album, their first for ten years. Entitled “The Mortality Arcade”, it has been trailed by the singles “My Queen Has Lost Her Crown”, “Whipping Boy” and “Parting Time”, and is released on May 31st.

THE CATHODE RAY also return in 2024 with a new single “Travelling In Style” releasing in May and their fourth album “Advance Retreat” landing in September.

Additionally, we run an occasional Archive Series. The first release in this series was “Introduction”, a 2013 compilation of NEW LEAF’ 90’s output, succeeded by the 25th Anniversary digital reissues of their three albums: “On Safari” in 2020, “Stereophonic” in 2022 and “Panorama” in 2024. 2021 also saw 40th Anniversary digital reissues of the two EP’s released by THE PRESIDENTS MEN: “Out In The Open” and “Reasons For Leaving”.

Single releases are digital only. Albums shall be in both digital and physical formats.

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