Only A Ghost

Only A Ghost promo photo

Only A Ghost are a singer-songwriter duo from Aberdeen, Bob Seivwright (songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer) and Louise McCorkindale (songwriter, lyricist and singer). They write thoughtful multi-layered songs with which people of all ages can connect, and which have been described as “a little bit dark, a little bit hopeful, a little bit sexy and a little bit camp”. Their songs tend not to sit in any specific genre, era or gender, and reflect the eclectic musical influences of all decades of the 20th century with which Bob and Louise’s musical tastes were shaped growing up in ’70s in the granite city (from Bach to Bebop Deluxe, Peggy Lee to Pink Floyd, Willie Nelson to Mark Knopfler).

Bob and Louise first met in 2013, through a jam session with colleagues, where their song writing journey began and Only A Ghost started to take shape. Folk and jazz influences are evident in their tuneful sometimes retro vibe, and listeners have occasionally mistaken their song writing for Kate Bush or Leonard Cohen, or an “old 50s classic”.

Only A Ghost’s philosophy is: “it’s all about the song”. Their arrangements are sparse, deceptively simple and melodic, and are created from Bob’s musical vision, and his production and multi-instrumentalist skills. The lyrics, accessible yet multi-layered, are shaped by Louise’s instinct for creating a vivid but recognisable emotional landscape for the listener. Every instrumental part, every chord, every note and every word has to earn its place in the song and contribute something to the story.

Only A Ghost hope their songs will please the ear, touch the heart, offer food for thought, and perhaps create a moment of emotional recognition for the listener.

In 2021 Only A Ghost released three singles on Stereogram Recordings, “Love Or The Devil”, “My Secret Ways”, and “Christmas Again”. A fourth entitled “Longhope” is due out on March 11th 2022.

They are working on an album due out in late 2022,