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The Vintage Calvinos taster single releases!

Stereogram are proud to unveil “No Room At The Inn” the first of two taster singles from the album “An Invitation To Infamy”. Available to download from iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and all good digital sites now, head Calvino David Baird had this to say about the track:
” ‘No Room At The Inn’ is a curiosity to me as I’m an atheist. However, the tale of Joseph and Mary appealed to me. They seemed like a decent enough couple, doing their best in the face of adversity etc. They got their little place eventually for the virgin to give birth. All went well for thirty odd years. Total fantasy of course but an interesting subject.”
“No Room…” will be followed on October 20th by the second single “You Are Always On My Mind”. One of the poppier moments on the album, it’s another good example of what to expect from the main course which will be served on October 27th.
Says Baird: “If you had a listen to No Room At The Inn, you may well wish to listen to this. The two songs are quite different but it intention with the Infamy album to have a refreshing diversity. Too many bands have, at best, a couple of half decent songs. The rest of the output almost always consists of mediocre variations of said songs. Macca once begged the question ‘What’s wrong with that?’ in relation to the debate as to whether there are too many silly love songs. In ‘You are always on my mind’, I address this pressing issue but approach it from another angle. Enjoy…”

You Are Always On My Mind

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