Lola in Slacks live at The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Friday -
The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
Lola In Slacks

Lola In Slacks

Rising stars Lola in Slacks are fronted by spellbinding chanteuse Lou Reid.
There’s somewhat of a sense of mystery around Lola in Slacks. Imagine a voice that effortlessly fuses Marianne Faithfull and Eartha Kitt, fronting a crack band with the sexy garage swagger of The Velvet Underground and the bold confidence and freedom of Tim Buckley. This ambitious, literate outfit has already made an instant impact with a series of heart-stopping performances around Glasgow.
Lou Reid is the focal point, with song-writing partner and guitarist Brian McFie providing skilful garage grind and spiralling melody. Lesley McLaren has a reputation in her own right as a great rock ‘n’ roll drummer, and the band is fleshed out by Davy Irvin on bass, Villy Karagouni on keyboards and Martin Stuart Taggart on additional guitar.
Reid has an intriguing command over her vocal accents and inflections, subtly twisting from tender to declamatory within the same line. Brian McFie’s guitar-playing is similarly eloquent, shifting with ease from gut-churning intensity to exquisite soulfulness. In terms of lyric-writing, comparisons with Patti Smith, Dylan and Jim Carroll spring to mind; allusions to cult Beat writer Alexander Trocchi and controversial author Vladimir Nabokov are immediately apparent, and The Glasgow Boys artistic scene also makes a lyrical cameo in one of the highlights of the band’s live set, ‘Trocchi’s Canal’.
There is romance and longing here, escape and remembrance. Their debut single, ‘Tramlines’, was released on Stereogram Recordings on August 31st 2015. Lola in Slacks are poised to become everyone’s new favourite band.

Local artist Colin Clyne, is an award winning Scottish singer/songwriter (Country, Folk Rock, and Americana). Having spent ten years in California, Clyne is now back in Scotland blazing a trail in the UK music scene. He left San Diego as a two-time winner of ‘The Best Acoustic Act’ at the prestigious San Diego Music Awards. In the US, NBC featured Colin in a top twelve list of best singer songwriters associated with San Diego in amongst, Tom Waits, Jewel, and the late Jim Croce.
In the last year Colin Clyne has shared the stage with the likes of Dave Arcari, James Grant (Love & Money), Big Country, Donnie Munro, Skerryvore and performed at a VIP event for Elton John.