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The Cathode Ray coheadline Edinburgh show with Dundee’s STOOR

Dundee alt rock band STOOR & Stereogram act The Cathode Ray are to play together at Basic Mountain in Edinburgh, for one night only on March 26th.
An extremely limited capacity venue, this will be a unique event – the only time Basic Mountain is to be utilised as a rock music show this year.

Two of Scotland’s most currently exciting bands, both of whom recently appeared in numerous end of year album polls, including the prestgious Scottish BAMS (Bloggers and Music Sites) top 20 albums of 2015 awards. This is one not to be missed!
For more details on times, tickets etc. see the Live Dates tab

Praise for STOOR

“I know it’s only May but this is my album of 2015 so far and it’s going to have to be something special to topple this one from that slot” – Is This Music?

“May well be the best record by a band you’ve never heard of this year” – Manic Pop Thrills

Praise for The Cathode Ray

“An album of consistently inventive, invigorating and infectious tracks. If you haven’t already heard it, do yourself a favour and give it a spin.” – Louder Than War

“Their sound is difficult to Resist” – Daily Record

“Intelligent rock music written for an adult audience, and, as creative as it is genre-defying, is never anything but enthralling” – PennyBlackMusic

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