Uncategorized “Textbook, Textbook” – the new single by Roy Moller – out now!

“Textbook, Textbook” – the new single by Roy Moller – out now!

“Textbook, Textbook”, the latest single to be lifted from Roy Moller’s highly acclaimed “One Domino” LP is out now.

Here’s what the press have been saying:

“There’s real wit in the lyrics, and steel guitar adds poignancy to the decrepit majesty of the title track”.7/10.
Alastair McKay, Uncut, August 2014

“the scuffed magnificence of the guitars on ‘Street Oblique’ and the pounding disco of ‘Edinburgh City Control’… One constant throughout is the nagging melodies… unquestionably an accomplished record”.
Mike Melville, Manic Pop Thrills, June 2014

“One thing you’ll find is that he‘s not afraid to try his hand at different styles and indeed maybe he’s “…in the lap of the gods“. ‘One Domino‘ is really worth shelling out a few pounds and investigating. A cool 8/10”. StevoMusicMan, June 2014

“On a scale from “borrow from a friend” to “paper the walls and ceilings with these lyrics and own every copy available,” One Domino is a rabid “buy a copy, then buy up Roy’s entire discography, then find yourself still hungry for more.” Megan Helstone, Piggledy Pop, June 2014

“One Domino is a fine collection of varying styles, and the closing title track caps off an impressive collection of lo-fi pop gems from Moller”.
Tony Gaughan, PennyBlackMusic, May 2014

“This great album dips a toe in many musical seas and washes up a heady mix of angular pop, electro vibes, baroque folk, country twang and ready wit. A mighty fine album by any standards”.
Paul Johnston, Jocknroll Ain’t Noise Pollution, April, 2014

“The range of songs on Roy Moller’s new album One Domino travel through time, space and the arts, speaking of the past, from Edinburgh to Berlin, from architecture to painting with a lot of poetry…Each song a story, narrated by Roy Moller, depicts a varied universe with a gift for melodic creation and interpretation”.
Marie-agnès Hallé, Piggledy Pop, April 2014

“Perhaps the closest comparison would be a post-punk Dylan, spiked with the literate poetics of Lou Reed and Richard Hell. Following the recent devastating loss of Lou, there’s a vacancy for Poet Laureate of the misfits and outsiders; with One Domino- a strong contender for Album of the Year- Roy Moller has just staked his claim” 9/10.
Gus Ironside, Louder Than War, April 2014

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