“My Secret Ways” – new single release from Only A Ghost – out 17.09.21

Stereogram Recordings are delighted to announce the release of “My Secret Ways”, the second single by recent signings Only A Ghost. The follow up to debut release “Love Or The Devil”, it will be available on all digital platforms from September 17th 2021.

My Secret Ways single artwork

About “My Secret Ways”:

“We wrote “My Secret Ways” after a quiet moment when, alone in an empty house, I reached for my ukulele, and the song just fell out of the ether. We managed to catch it, but when we started to record it I have to confess, when Bob outlined what he wanted me to sing for the backing vocals I thought it was really weird! But I trust his instincts, and when we heard it on the track we both felt something had cracked open, and the song had emerged. By the time Bob had added the percussion and the lead guitar, it was fully fledged. We loved it, but we weren’t sure if anyone else would. So it sat quietly in the cloud until Jeremy from Stereogram Recordings came along and suggested we release it as a single.

Releasing a song feels a bit like releasing a bird into the wild. It has to fly or fall all by itself. It will resonate for someone, or it won’t, because of what they have inside them and who they are at that moment. If someone connects with the song, then at that point the emotional content of the song is theirs, not ours. Talking about what the song means for us could cut across that connection, and we don’t want to do that. But we can share something odd that Bob noticed when he was working on the mix: he was sure he could hear the sound of a clock ticking, right on the end of the guitar track. Eventually we worked out that it was the little clock on the other side of the room where Bob had recorded the guitar. The clock had belonged to a loved one who had died, the person who was the inspiration for the song. We’ve recorded in that room many times, but this is the only time we’ve heard the clock on a track. Maybe it’s not so odd though, as we’ve noticed that ghosts often turn up when we are writing songs.

We worried about releasing this song at this time, given what’s been going on for everyone over the last year. It was originally meant to be our first single and we held it back because of that concern. But life goes on, right? Maybe in these strange times we are all, at some level, trying to come to terms with what lives in the shadows, and with the ticking of the clock.”

Louise McCorkindale, September 2021.