Progress bulletin on “Infinite Variety”, The Cathode Ray’s second album

We thought it was about time to post a proper update bulletin on the progress of “Infinite Variety”, the second Cathode Ray album, so here goes…
We’ve been recording intermittently since March 2013 and have nine tracks in various degrees of completion. Some are done, dusted and mastered – others still require a bit of work. The target is 11 or 12 songs, so we reckon early 2015 is a realistic release date.
Sonically, it’s a bit more experimental than the first album – more acoustic in places; more electronic in others; punkier, funkier and a bit prog too – but still recognisably us. To whet the appetite, here’s a track by track run down of what to expect:
“Resist”: Short and snappy at 2 minutes long. A sort of crazy punk rock/krautrock oompah hybrid and a likely contender for a single.
“Backed Up”: A bit of an epic with hints of psychedelia floating about. Builds from nothing, via some dissonant chords from Steve, to a huge crescendo with singalong chorus.
“Don’t Waste Your Words”: Our glam roots are exposed on this paean to stop messing about and get to the point. Another contender for a single.
“The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul”: Jeremy’s demo soundind like a cross between the Cocteaus and The Cure, but this has ended up sounding closer to the Isley Brothers (according to Roy Moller) with some tasty fuzzy guitar lines from Steve.
“Saving Grace”: Another epic and at almost seven minutes long, the likely album closer. A two part song, it starts off as a gentle semi-acoustic ballad with an almost Hawaiian feel and ends as a motorik-prog wig out. So far it’s Neil’s favourite.
“Eureka Moment”: Tribal drums from David in the verses meet electro-disco in the choruses. Features both vibraslap and tubular bells!
“Torn Apart”: A veritable sonic cathedral which drone noiseniks will love. Disguises a tender ballad lurking beneath the surface.
“No Holds Barred”: A sleazy riff-based slow groove gives way to a Stonesy chorus.
“Nowhere”: A first cousin of earlier material like “Lost & Found” and “What’s It All About?” so probably the most recognisably “Cathode Ray”-like track on the album. Steve and Jeremy’s guitar parts interlock as one. And you can dance to it.
Remaining songs demoed, but yet to be recorded with the full band, include “Buck The Trend” (German motorik meets LA), “Another World” (a big romantic ballad) and “Eventually” (Pure back-to-their-roots Cathode Ray)
In the meantime, here’s to next year’s new album and, of course, a return to the live stage…
Love on ya, Jeremy. Steve, Neil & Dave.