“LONGHOPE” – New single release from ONLY A GHOST – out March 11th!

Stereogram Recordings are pleased to announce the release of “Longhope”, the fourth single by Only A Ghost. It will be available on all digital platforms from March 11th  2022.

By far the most ambitious track released to date by the Aberdeen duo, “Longhope” is a long-form song in the classic folk tradition, which tells the story of the Longhope Lifeboat Disaster of 1969.

The Longhope Lifeboat Disaster

On 17 March 1969 the RNLI Longhope Lifeboat Station, in operation since 1874, suffered one of the worst tragedies in British lifeboat history when its 47-foot wooden lifeboat, T.G.B., capsized with the loss of all eight crew after answering a mayday call from the Liberian cargo vessel Irene during a gale of Force 9. It is believed that the capsize was caused by an unusually high wave, in what were described as “maelstrom conditions”. This, and a similar incident at Fraserburgh lifeboat station the following year, led to the introduction of self-righting boats. The T.G.B. was salvaged, repaired and re-allocated to another station. It is now on display at the Scottish Maritime Museum.