Stereogram Recordings Uncategorized ISN’T THAT JUST THE LIFE – the brand new Band Of Holy Joy single released 10/08/15

ISN’T THAT JUST THE LIFE – the brand new Band Of Holy Joy single released 10/08/15

isn't that just the life artwork 940 x 940
Band Of Holy Joy have their first release through Stereogram Recordings available to download from Monday 10th August 2015.

‘I’m a sensitive girl, tougher than you’ sings Johny Brown in Band of Holy Joy’s new single ‘Isn’t That Just The Life’. This may be the first time he’s written from a female perspective, but I may have missed something over the years, after all Band of Holy Joy have had more personnel changes than The Fall, and are about to release their 19th album, ‘A Night Of Word And Blood Sparked Under Fire And Stars A Petrol Smear The Concrete Tear Fuck Yeah Brutalism Still Dreaming In The Land Of Holy Joy’ on Stereogram Recordings in September.

As is their want, the lyricism on ‘Isn’t That Just The Life’ deals with the darker side of life, but the music and instrumentation are upbeat resulting in an uplifting almost Northern Soul-esque slice of a Summer which may never quite materialise. In a perfect world this would be Top Ten, but we live in a far from perfect world, yet Band of Holy Joy continue to have the ability to document ‘days in the life’ of random individuals lyrically, plumbing the lower depths of inner city urban existence and all that goes with it, and sugar-coating it with their trademark musical upbeat optimism.

‘Easy Listening (for Uneasy Times)’, the last long player released in early 2014 saw the band slimmed down to a six-piece. Exceptional reviews followed (see Press Pack), accompanied by a handful of well received European and UK dates, and a series of download singles celebrating ‘good living and bad livers’, the highlight being their tribute to George Best on ‘When a Gift is a Curse’.
Labelmate Lou Reid , chanteuse with Lola in Slacks offered this “It’s a real gem. Love the opening line: ‘the tattoo on my pelvic bone is faded’ – Lyrics are especially great written from a girl’s perspective. Quite a celebration of the female spirit. Love it! Johny’s voice is a real heartbreak too”.

“Teenager stabbed on bus dies in best friend’s arms
Disabled work longer hours because they are grateful
Some nights I break I admit I just walk and I cry
But I’m going to change this world before I die”

‘Isn’t That Just the Life’ – Band of Holy Joy 2015

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