Buck The Trend – new single from The Cathode Ray out June 1st

Buck the Trend is the second single to be lifted from the band’s highly acclaimed latest album Infinite Variety, which came out recently on Stereogram Recordings.
Singled out by critics as just one of many standout tracks on the album, Buck the Trend is part German motorik, part L.A. Woman, part Art Rock. If Talking Heads or Television had relocated to Berlin in 1978, they might have sounded something like this…

“The excellent Buck the Trend is a song with a healthy breath of Tom Verlaine and Television to it. Keys and guitar spin a gorgeous eighties web for the rhythmic and vocal prowess of the song to pull this way and that, a combination sculpting another major highlight in the album.” THE RINGMASTER REVIEW

“In the middle section of the album, Buck the Trend merges pulsating Krautrock electronica with jittering, funky Talking Heads guitars. A hyper Thoms advises, “Make a mess of everything/Go ahead and buck the trend/Try a little imperfection/Go ahead and buck the trend.” PENNY BLACK MUSIC

“The whirring clockwork chime of Buck the Trend introduces a welcome foray into Stranglers-esque prog-pop. Indeed, it’s easy to detect a Hugh Cornwell influence in the almost Beefheartian, atonal guitar bleats that provide a counter-point to the album’s pervasive sense of melody.” LOUDER THAN WAR

“Anyone looking for the wired post punk guitars of the first record will still find them in abundance. Single Resist owes as much to 70s Wire as to any New York influence whilst Buck the Trend ploughs a similar furrow but adds a playful organ as the song picks up pace. ‘Buck the Trend’ would be one obvious choice as a follow-up single.” MANIC POP THRILLS

“Much of the fun of Infinite Variety is to be had from identifying the echoes of song structures and sounds from fondly recalled discs of yesteryear: here a nod to XTC, there a soupcon of Elvis Costello And The Attractions. The Vox Continental organ that sweeps into the jerky joy of Buck the Trend is a fine example. It is also rich in the clever word-play of Thoms’ lyrics.” THE GLASGOW HERALD

Buck The Trend 940 x 540