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December 02, 2015


“The Sound Of Stereogram” CD/DL – Various Artists

  • I'm Crass Harry - Band Of Holy Joy
  • While I Can (Remix) - James King & The Lonewolves
  • It Takes One To Know One - The Cathode Ray
  • No.7 - Milton Star
  • I Would Hate For It Not To Be Amazing - Roy Moller
  • These Open Arms - The Fabulous Artisans
  • Leave The Boy Upstairs (Demo) - St. Christopher Medal
  • Tramlines - Lola in Slacks
  • I'm Going To Live My Live Like I'm Sixteen Again - Band Of Holy Joy
  • A Step Away From Home (Angels & Wolves) - James King & The Lonewolves
  • Saving Grace - The Cathode Ray
  • Salvation - Milton Star
  • Names Out The Hat - Roy Moller
  • Mother and Child - The Fabulous Artisans
  • Great Lakes Morning - St. Christopher Medal

Limited edition CD featuring all of the Stereogram Recordings roster. Some of these tracks have been available before, the majority of them haven't. Included are fantastic new tracks from The Band of Holy Joy, The Cathode Ray, Roy Moller, The Fabulous Artisans and Milton Star, two remixes from James King and the Lonewolves, a demo from St Christopher Medal, plus the classic debut single, Tramlines, from Lola in Slacks. The Sound of Stereogram will be available from December 2nd from all the usual outlets to buy on CD and download, and will also be available to purchase at the Stereogram Revue shows in Edinburgh on December 2nd and Glasgow on December 3rd aswell as online from the Stereogram store. Like the classic New Wave Sampler from Sire Records in 1977, featuring The New York Dolls, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, The Flaming Groovies, The Damned and The Runaways etc, selling for £1.99, or Pillows and Prayers from Cherry Red in 1982, the Stereogram Revue Sampler will sell for a bargain budget cost of £5.00. Never mind your Live at the Roxy albums where you got three or four decent songs over two albums, these are all class...