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October 21, 2016


Written, produced and arranged by STOOR

STOOR – “Witchfinder General” – download single

  • Witchfinder General

Stereogram Recordings are delighted to announce the addition of Dundee based alternative rock outfit STOOR to their ever increasing roster. ‘Witchfinder General’, their debut download single, finds them in characteristic post-punk/sci-fi mode, merging insistent riffs and melodies with dark, mysterious lyrics. The title itself comes from a Hammer Horror movie, so that should give you some idea of where they’re coming from. Echoes of bands as diverse as Pere Ubu, The Dead Kennedys and even late 90s sensations Ultrasound abound as the songs buries itself deep within your psyche. This is what Andy Wood of IsThisMusic? had to say about it: ‘Witchfinder General’ is, on the surface, a lighter counterpoint, but still has a nervy, anxious feel to it and the lyrics and delivery seem to warn of human folly and the danger of Messiah’s: “Brothers and Sisters gather/To meet the latest hazard/Hear the word” Formed from the fumes of the original West Port bar and distilled from earlier Dundee punk/New Wave bands, STOOR have been a presence on the Scottish music scene since the 1990s. The nuclear core of the band (Scott Mckinlay, drums; Stef Murray, bass and vocals; Ross Matheson, guitar) fused over their love of punk, film and TV themes and the Kinks to name but three influences. Over the years other members have come and gone with the present fourth member being Davie Youngblood on guitar. Sporadically gigging like a Time Lord on a sabbatical, STOOR have been a rare band to witness (which could be of interest to Pokemon-Go players). Recent years has seen a flurry of activity with many sightings of their musical Tardis in venues around Scotland and the North of England.

STOOR are: Scott Mckinlay, drums; Stef Murray, bass and vocals; Ross Matheson, guitar; Davie Youngblood, guitar