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March 09, 2015


Written and produced by Jeremy Thoms

“Resist” download single – The Cathode Ray

  • Resist

First single to be taken from the forthcoming album "Infinite Variety"

"Cast your mind back to the golden age of new wave with bands like Devo, Wire and er Toy Dolls. The Edinburgh boys - singer Jeremy Thoms, guitarist Steve Fraser, bassist Neil Baldwin and drummer David Mack - were probably buying ther records the first time round. But their sound is difficult to Resist (thank you) and should be flagged to younger bands still enthralled by Oasis or Biffy Clyro. Resist is sparky and snappy, prancing in at just 2.13 minutes it's persistant squally guitar picks at your brain. There's a smattering of the Toy Dolls' wry smile at nursery rhymes aswell as Franz Ferdinand's groove. This jolt of sonic electricity bodes well the band's second album Infinite Variety (out on April 20)." DAILY RECORD Single review by Rick Fulton. Friday, March 6, 2015.