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May 26, 2014


All songs written, performed and produced by Roy Moller except track 4, written by Roy Moller and Gary Thom.

“One Domino” CD/DL – Roy Moller

  • 1. Honey Berlin
  • 2. When I Paint My Mantlepiece
  • 3. Obelisk
  • 4. Edinburgh City Control
  • 5. Redpath
  • 6. Textbook, Textbook
  • 7. Street Oblique
  • 8. Where I Am Is Here
  • 9. A Glorious Sunset Mistaken For Dawn
  • 10. Vincent
  • 11. One Domino

When offered the chance to join the label based in Scotland's capital, Roy leapt at the chance to become a Stereogram artist. "One Domino" is very much an Edinburgh album, a return to his native city for the man whose "Byres Road Saturday" won regular airplay from Marc Riley. Now relocated to the Lothians, Moller's fourth solo album namechecks several Edinburgh locations and his love of the city is implicit throughout. As he says, "This is my Edinbralectro record". Being a Roy Moller album, there are touches of country (the title track) and Greenwich Village folk ("Redpath"). Both are served with customary lyrical sharpness. With its creator cutting loose on guitar and synth with a freedom he's only previously hinted at, there can be no doubt "One Domino" is the boldest step yet for the artist Marc Riley has called "Scotland best-kept secret". The album includes the single "Street Oblique", featuring "the most thrillingly elliptical guitar Moller has yet committed to tape, recorded late one Thursday evening on what sounds like a full moon."

Front cover photo by Roy Moller. Sleeve design by Jeremy Thoms