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December 09, 2013


All songs written by Andy Kelly & Jeremy Thoms except tracks 5 & 10 written by John Hall, Andy Kelly & Jeremy Thoms and track 6 written by Jeremy Thoms. New Leaf are: Andy Kelly: Lead vocals; Jeremy Thoms: Guitars & Backing Vocals; John Hall: Keyboards & Backing Vocals; Andy Walker: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals; Neil Baldwin: Bass; Simon McGlynn: Drums & Percussion

“Introduction” download album – New Leaf. The best of the Epic/Sony Japan years,1995 – 1999

  • 1. Overture from "On Safari"
  • 2. The Waltzer
  • 3. The Rise and Fall of the Man Who Had It All
  • 4. Love Is Black
  • 5. Don't Let The Grass Grow (Single Edit)
  • 6. Don't Wanna Lose This Heaven
  • 7. Travelling Man
  • 8. Star Wars
  • 9. Lucky Devil
  • 10. All Weather Man
  • 11. It Came To Nothing
  • 12. Bookends
  • 13. Oceanic
  • 14. To The Dogs
  • 15. Happy Families?
  • 16. Kaleidoscopic Skies

The tracks on “Introduction” are drawn from the three albums Scottish band New Leaf recorded for Epic/Sony Japan in the mid-late 90s – namely “On Safari” (1995), “Stereophonic” (1997) and “Panorama” (1999). By way of introducing the casual listener to the music of New Leaf, “Introduction” does exactly what it says on the tin and is the perfect primer. Songwriters Andy Kelly and Jeremy Thoms always drew on a wide range of influences incorporating Film Music & Country; 60s Orch Pop & Easy Listening; 70s Glam & Soft Rock; 80s New Pop and even echoes of the then-contemporaneous 90s Brit-Pop. Diversity was what it was all about: Thoms came from an indie rock and pop background, whilst Kelly was more of a soul boy. Throw TV21 bassist Neil Baldwin and ex-Fini Tribe drummer Simon McGlynn into the equation, and you have a veritable melting pot of musical directions. Including their sole single release, the sunshine pop of “Travelling Man” (which was also featured on the compilation “The Summertime Rocks” including The Boo Radleys, BMX Bandits and Hi Llamas amongst others) and recent taster track the Beach Boys-esque “Don’t Let The Grass Grow”, “Introduction” displays the multiple facets that made up New Leaf.

All tracks produced by Jeremy Thoms and engineered by John Vick at Finiflex, except tracks 1, 2 & 12 produced and engineered by Steve Bradley at Mighty Reel, and track 7 produced by Jon Turner at Palladium.