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April 20, 2015


All songs written and produced by Jeremy Thoms. Arrangements by The Cathode Ray

“Infinite Variety” – The Cathode Ray CD/DL

  • Backed Up
  • Resist
  • Nowhere At All
  • Don't Waste Your Words
  • Buck The Trend
  • No Holds Barred
  • Eureka Moment!
  • This Force Of Nature
  • Torn Apart
  • The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
  • Saving Grace

PRAISE FOR "INFINITE VARIETY"...... “Infinite Variety is quite breath-taking, leaving thoughts basking and appetite hungry for much more. There have been many releases and bands recently creating real triumphs of nostalgia and new invention, but The Cathode Ray tops the lot” – THE RINGMASTER REVIEW..... "An urgent, engaging sophomore offering from a band that effortlessly blends musical maturity with the fizz and buzz of prime guitar pop" - IS THIS MUSIC?..... "Infinite Variety is an exhilarating roller-coaster ride through a multifaceted post-punk landscape." - MANIC POP THRILLS...... “It’s perhaps not surprising that ‘Infinite Variety’ is such a confident, expansive creation…test tube treats for pop conceptualists.” - LOUDER THAN WAR...... “Backed Up settles into such a rich – and entirely harmonious – instrumental groove that you won’t want it to end.” – PURE M MAGAZINE...... “The second album from Edinburgh's Cathode Ray is a thing of natural beauty” – THE HERALD...... “What makes this quintessentially British art-pop so thrilling, however, is the slow shift from themes of desperation and loss to an ultimate realisation of love, identity and purpose” – THE SKINNY...... “At one level it is the natural extension of the last record; at another its boundaries have been greatly magnified.” – PENNY BLACK MUSIC...... "Their sound is difficult to Resist" - DAILY RECORD...... “If such an award exists, Stereogram surely must be in the running for best Scottish independent label in 2015.” – FOR MALCONTENTS ONLY...... “The momentum remains relentless throughout, refusing to slow down for even a single moment” – PURE M MAGAZINE...... “It is a delightful indie-pop-punk romp. Bouncy guitars, a poppy bass line and the kind of drums that should be played by a monkey with ADHD” – LISTEN WITH MONGER...... “Jittery and angular with a retro futurist twist. Post punk like it’s supposed to sound, performed by experts” – TASTY FANZINE..... “Its incurably addictive kookiness prompting the hitting of the repeat button each and every time in looms into ear space” – THE SUNDAY EXPERIENCE

Neil Baldwin: Bass/ Steve Fraser: Guitars/ David Mack: Drums & Percussion/ Jeremy Thoms: Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards