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November 01, 2019


All songs written by Jeremy Thoms. Produced, engineered and mixed by Jeremy Thoms. Drums engineered and recorded by Sean Allison. Recorded at Mill Farm & Beckside Park, North Yorkshire and Douglas Crescent, Edinburgh between September 2017 and July 2019

“Heightened Senses” – The Cathode Ray LP/CD/DL

  • Memories Of The Future
  • Love and Death
  • Another World
  • A Difference Of Opinion
  • Days Away
  • Heightened Senses
  • Make Believe
  • Before The Rot Sets In
  • The Past Is A Foreign Land

Following on four and a half years from their last long player, the “Heightened Senses” album itself, as the name implies, finds the band’s musical and lyrical palette raised to new levels. Simultaneously more pop and progressive, direct and experimental, electronic and acoustic, the album’s nine tracks take the listener on a rich and varied sonic journey, while lyrically it concerns itself variously with themes of fantasy and reality, alienation and belonging, hopes and fears, doubts and certainties, optimism and mortality, the past, present and future. Meanwhile, single “Heightened Senses” itself digs deeper into the more positive side of The Cathode Ray, previously hinted at on earlier singles such as “Mind” and “This Force Of Nature”. Simultaneously a simple ode to the joy of life and a love song, chief songwriter Jeremy Thoms sings of “living in the here and now” and how “this energy inside” gives him “heightened senses, intensified and true, magnified for you”, all set to an insanely catchy slice of skewed perfect pop which The Cathode Ray do so well. Think Portugal The Man meets The Strokes via Pharrell and OutKast. The album also includes previous single “Another World” which was another bold musical statement from the band, evoking nothing less than the glam balladry of Suede, Roxy Music or Be-Bop Deluxe, married to subliminal electronica.

The Cathode Ray are: Neil Baldwin: Bass - Phil Biggs: Lead & Rhythm Acoustic & Electric Guitars - Steve Fraser: Lead & Rhythm Electric Guitars - David Mack: Drums & Percussion - Jeremy Thoms: Lead & Backing Vocals; Keys; Lead & Rhythm Acoustic & Electric Guitars; Bass - With: Alex Thoms: Synths and additional production on Love & Death, Another World, Days Away, and The Past Is A Foreign Land - Laura Oliver-Thoms: Backing Vocals on Before The Rot Sets In - Robin Thoms: Backing Vocals on Make Believe - Sleeve design by Alex Thoms - Photographs by Jeremy Thoms