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September 02, 2016


Written by Chris Reeve. Produced by Pete Harvey and The Eastern Swell

The Eastern Swell – “Rattling Bones” download single

  • Rattling Bones

The lead single from the forthcoming “One Day, A Flood” debut album by The Eastern Swell is “Rattling Bones”. Written by guitarist and vocalist Chris Reeve and with string arrangements and production by Pete Harvey (of King Creosote, Modern Studies & Meursault repute), it will be available to download from September 2nd and serves as an excellent primer for the album. A multi sectioned track, after a brief calm before the storm, we’re suddenly catapulted into a dark hypnotic guitar riff with echoes of Link Wray, Duane Eddy, The Cramps and Led Zeppelin abounding, before we emerge into the light and the song proper commences. Against a gorgeous, almost countryesque backdrop, lead vocalist Lainie Urqhuart sings about the fears of getting older and the vulnerability of love: “I’m troubled by thoughts, but I’m prepared to walk this rough shod path to its end”. After a couple of minutes, an unexpected key change and guitar solo ushers us into the third section of the song before we return to the opening guitar riff as the song reaches it’s thundering climax.