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December 17, 2021


Written by Bob Seivwright and Louise McCorkindale / Production and Mixing – Bob Seivwright / Mastering - Luiz Tornagh

“Christmas Again” – Only A Ghost DL/Streaming single

  • Christmas Again

About “Christmas Again”: “This song started, as so many of our songs do, with a chord progression that Bob was playing around with one day. I thought it sounded like a Christmas song and we had a laugh about the idea of us writing one. We started jamming it just for fun, and then discovered we had accidentally written a Christmas song, or rather it had written itself as we never thought we’d ever be putting out a Christmas single. As far as Christmas is concerned, the emperor is definitely dancing in his scanties these days. But I’ve heard it said that cynicism is the refuge of the disappointed romantic, and, the way I feel about this song, there might just be something in that…” Louise McCorkindale, December 2021.

Vocal – Louise McCorkindale / Guitar – Bob Seivwright / Bass – Chris Bonner / Drums – Bruno Gafanhoto