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April 06, 2018


Written by Jeremy Thoms. Produced and engineered by Jeremy Thoms; Drums recorded by Sean Allison

“Another World” – The Cathode Ray (download single)

  • Another World

The Cathode Ray - Another World from Alexander Thoms on Vimeo.

The Cathode Ray return on 6th April, after a three year recording hiatus, with “Another World”, the lead track from their forthcoming third album “Heightened Senses” which is due out in the Autumn. Lyrically concerning themes of alienation, hopes, fears and doubts, “Another World” is another bold musical statement from The Cathode Ray, evoking nothing less than the glam balladry of Roxy Music or Be-Bop Deluxe, married to subliminal electronica. It sets out the stall for the new album which, as its title suggests, promises to stretch The Cathode Ray template further with forays into previously unchartered musical waters for the band. It also marks the recording debut of guitarist Phil Biggs with the band, plus production assistance, cover art and video direction from Alex Thoms, the son of lead singer Jeremy Thoms. Steve Fraser (lead guitar), Neil Baldwin (bass) and David Mack (drums) complete the line-up.

Jeremy Thoms: Vocals and guitar; Steve Fraser: Lead guitar; Phil Biggs: Guitar; Neil Baldwin: Bass; David Mack: Drums & Percussion; Alex Thoms: Sub bass and electronic percussion